Love is in the air people 💖. I know that the dating scene has changed significantly over the years and that going to movies and dinner is just not cutting it anymore. Couples are looking for a little more excitement and adventure these days. So, in the spirit of love, I have come up with 5 unique date ideas as well as some outfit inspo so you can be lookin’ like fine wine with your boo 😉🍷.

Market Date Treasure Hunt:

Okay, this is simply the BEST (and my personal favourite) date idea. We all agree that markets are great, right? But after about an hour, you feel like you’ve pretty much seen it all. Spice up your market date with a treasure hunt! Side note, this is best suited for a couple who has been dating for a while and know each other pretty well.

So the idea is that you split up and each person buys a bunch of items for the other based on certain parameters. Now of course, a market only has a limited range of items and may not have exactly what you need, but the fun is in the challenge.

Here are a few parameters to help you out:

1) Your partner’s favourite drink 🍹

2) Your partner’s favourite snack 🍓

3) Your partner’s favourite colour 🌈

4) Something that reminds you of them 💡

5) An everyday thing your partner could use 🔧


Suggested outfit: Genevieve mini skirt & Black Vice Versa Top  


And here are a few of my personal favourite markets:


Outdoor Picnic Date but Make It Classy:

There is NOTHING less romantic than organising a picnic with your S.O. and it being crowded and you having to do all the work! For those of you who like bringing your basket, pillows and blankets and plonking yourself on the nearest available piece of grass surrounded by screaming kids and other couples on their dates, good for you. Yes, I am referring to botanical garden dates. Please take my advice and stay far away from any botanical gardens in Gauteng on the weekends or Valentine’s Day. It is seriously not worth it!

The best thing you can do is take a bit of a drive and pay for a curated picnic experience. Yes, this may be a bit out of budget, but it is TOTALLY worth it. Here are 3 picnic spots that offer a peaceful, romantic experience without you having to lift a finger:


1. Ground the Venue in Muldersdrift:


I have done this with my partner and I would HIGHLY recommend it. We paid about R450 for the both of us and received the most beautiful and delicious basket (see image above). The great thing is, they offer a number of different options for picnics and the venue is just stunning! Click here to see for yourself.


Suggested outfit: Midi Petal Wrap Dress - White Dotty


2. Toadberry Hall in Krugersdorp:


Toadberry Hall  is in such a beautiful location and gives off all the country cottage vibes. The gardens are clean and well-maintained and the experience is just so classy. They also offer a number of different picnicking packages and the food looks AMAZING!
Suggested outfit: Culotte Jumpsuit - Black Stripe


3. Kievits Kroon Wine Estate in Pretoria


Kievits Kroon is the perfect luxury country experience with its beautiful, tranquil atmosphere, immaculate gardens and gourmet dining. If you’re looking to turn your simple picnic into a classy (and maybe saucy) experience, then this is the place for you. They offer a large variety of dining experiences all of which you can curate yourself and choose from their award-winning wine selection.
Suggested outfit: Emerald Pebble


 Cosy, Indoor Fort Date:


If you’re looking for an intimate night in, then a movie night is the way to go. To impress your date, consider adding a little zest to your night (come on, Netflix and chilling is getting a little old now). If you have never made a cosy fort in your life you are missing out babe! Here is a tutorial to show you how.

What you’ll need:

  1. String
  2. Clothes Pegs
  3. A sh*t ton of blankets and pillows
  4. Popcorn and snacks (Tip: order a Date Factory box, you won’t regret it)
  5. Your movie of choice
  6. Your Differently loungewear set ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Suggested Outfit: Loungewear Pants & Top - Peach


Raspberry Picking Date at The Field Berry Farm:


Okay, how cute is this idea? What could be more romantic than walking through a field of pretty pink raspberries with your S.O.? The answer is NOTHING, nothing is more romantic! Just please remember sunscreen people, the SA sun is not merciful to anyone.

The nice thing about raspberry picking is that it’s a pretty simple date activity and doesn’t require much planning or preparation. In fact, it’s a perfect first date idea! Entrance is only R40 per person and you can get a whole kg of berries for R130! Plus, this would be the ideal opportunity to wear your Differently Valentina Dress 👀. Need I say more! I’m sold, how about you? Click here to find out more info.


Outfit Suggestion: Petal Wrap Dress - Valentina Red


Couple’s Photoshoot Date at Dreambox:


This is loads of fun and such a great ice-breaker! Dreambox has a bunch of photo booths with some crazy backdrops. Warning: this may be the most epic date you’ll ever go on. However, I would not recommend this for a first date because if it doesn’t go well then you’re kinda stuck with photo evidence of a failed date. This also provides you with the perfect opportunity to get fun and flirty with your date.

Now for the hard part, what should you wear? Because there are a variety of backdrops and scenes, you and your date could bring a bunch of your favourite outfits and change into them at the venue.

Outfit recommendations:

1. Sporty Outfit: Side Slit Culottes - Black

2. Casual Outfit: Daff Corset Top  & Angel Baby Pants - Brown

3. Classy Outfit: Puffy Sleeve Dress - Black

4. Wild Outfit: Medi Petal Wrap Dress - Hazel Brush


Now go on you love birds, be flirty and free! If you do end up taking my date suggestions, please leave a comment or tag us on Instagram and tell me how they went. Then maybe if they went well I’ll change my occupation to The Cupid-ess of Gauteng”.


Written by Genevieve Lobban 

Content Unicorn

Genevieve Lobban