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We Define Differently as

Breaching the gap between rare style and affordability. We offer our customers looks that simply fit well, are affordable, made with high quality fabric, and have a twist of unique edginess. Differently is more than a brand, it's a distinct culture. A culture of sustainability, exceptional quality, authenticity, and empowerment.

What is Differently?

Differently is a Johannesburg-based fashion brand that prides itself on the ethical production of high quality, hand-made garments. We are a South African business and as such, we make a point of empowering local staff. All our fabrics are sourced from local traders and our garments are designed to be on-trend, comfortable as well as long-lasting.

Why is Differently?

Differently is the brain-child of founders, co-owners, and cousins Silver and Michelle Nel. Their complementary personalities are what makes Differently so successful. Silver, Differently’s creative director, has a fashion designer background and Michelle, the business director, has a business and IT background. The brand was born from their shared belief that there is a need for trendy and locally produced fashion in an online space, as well as a common passion for people to have a place where they can find unique yet affordable garments. 

Who is Differently?

Just like Silver and Michelle’s unbreakable sisterly bond, Differently embodies unconditional love and support. Think of Differently as your older sister. She supports you when you need it most, makes you feel beautiful even when you aren’t feeling like it, she encourages you to be yourself, and she gives you the BEST fashion advice. No matter where you are in life, Differently will always remind you of where you came from and where your home is.

As such, the people who work behind the scenes are like a family. They all share a common goal, to make sure Differently’s customers are made to feel like part of the family too.

The Future of Differently

Our goal for Differently is to expand and grow the name. We hope that the expansion of our brand will create opportunities for us to offer more jobs, become even more sustainable, widen our product offering, and uplift our community.