Evolved X Differently Collection

Firstly I would like to say, I am so incredibly blessed and honoured to have collaborated with this amazing brand - DIFFERENTLY. It is a dream come true to have been able to design my very first and own capsule collection. To see it come to life is just so surreal!

Differently x Evolved Capsule Collection

Our journey together started back in 2019, when I received my first ever PR package. It followed with modelling for their up and coming collections and receiving more PR packages that I used to create some lovely content that I enjoyed so much!!

When DIFFERENTLY approached me to design and create my very own Capsule Collection I was astonished!

We created this collection and designed all these wonderful pieces to appeal more to young professionals like us - hardworking, boss babes looking to be super stylish yet comfortable at an affordable price.

Differently Evolved Capsule Collection

Being a MUA, it required long hours of work, especially on weekends and that is why I wanted to design clothing pieces that I would feel comfortable working in yet look professional and trendy.

The collection only consists out of 2 colours - Black and White. As a MUA I always tend to work in black as it looks professional without trying too hard and because it is my favourite colour. We incorporated some white into the collection as well to give it that elegant and soft touch.

The idea behind the collection was to be able to wear all the designs, not only together but in a professional environment and out on the town!

This is why the EVOVED COLLECTION is perfect for all the fashionistas and young professionals #bossbabes in similar industries!

Differently Evolved Capsule Collection

I think what I love most about the EVOLVED COLLECTION is that the pieces are very minimalistic and simple and can literally be worn with ANYTHING. I also love a sexy plain outfit and styling it up with accessories like hair clips/head pieces, statement earrings, necklaces, belts or a cute clutch.

I love dressing to impress but being comfortable will always be my number one priority especially if I have a long day ahead of me and this collection ticks all the right boxes:



I had the best time creating this amazing collection and could not have done it without the amazing and hardworking DIFFERENTLY team! They are phenomenal and super talented at what they do. I thank them for giving me this opportunity, it is a dream come true!