The day has finally arrived! Differently Clothing is excited to announce the launch of the Many Hands Kimono. This is a garment that is very near and dear to our hearts because it represents so much for us and for the project we have collaborated with.


If you are familiar with the Differently brand and have been following us for a while, you’ll know that we are passionate about ethical fashion and using our platform to help our community. Our brand’s philosophy involves empowering women.

We have partnered with the Many Hands Project (Read more here) and designed and funded the many hands kimono which the ladies of the Many Hands Project stitched together. All proceeds from the sales of the Many Hands Kimono will be put back into the Many Hands project so that we can continually collaborate on more beautiful pieces.

The Many Hands Kimono

About the Many Hands Kimono:

The Many Hands Kimono is an African twist on the traditional Chinese Kimono and is made out of a Rami Linen, a linen and cotton blended fabric. Due to this particular blend, the fabric is extremely lightweight and breathable, perfect for the warm South African climate. It's fabric was chosen because it is a biodegradable, natural fabric and therefore can be easily recycled as well as reused. The design of this garment is diverse, body and gender-inclusive. It is free-sized and designed as a quick, on-the-go garment for the busy and ambitious everyday South African. Due to its simple design, the Many Hands Kimono can be styled easily and is meant as a piece that adds a level of class and comfort to any outfit. It comes in neutral colours, black and white, and as such is easy to style and pair.


How you can help the Many Hands Project:

  1. You can purchase the lovely Many Hands Kimono by clicking Here
  2. You can donate to the Backabuddy fund and help us purchase sewing machines for the project so they can continue to host sewing classes and creating garments. 
  3. You can share the project to Fecebook Here

We feel privileged to be part of this amazing cause and hope to carry on with this project in the future as we believe empowering women and promoting sustainable fashion should be an all year round occurrence for our brand. This has been an amazing experience for the whole Differently team and we hope that you find the Many Hands Project as inspiring as we do. 

Follow The Many Hands Project HERE

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