As a proudly South African fashion brand, we like to be on top of upcoming fashion trends in the industry. Although each brand has its own unique styles and methods, we all draw inspiration from our beautiful nation and its diverse cultures. So, let’s get into it. 

Here are seven South African fashion predictions for 2024:

 2024 South African fashion trend predictions



Old School Sport

With the resounding success of the Springboks in the 2023 Rugby World Cup, South Africans are talking about sport again. It's not just about the men; our women's sports teams are making significant strides too. As of December 2023, the South African Netball Team is proudly ranked 5th in the world, and there's a growing wave of support for the women's soccer team.

This renewed enthusiasm for sports is not only shaping discussions around the game but is also influencing fashion trends. The shift is noticeable, moving beyond general sports merch to making a bold fashion statement, bringing in nostalgic elements of old school designs of the late 90’s which had a more optimistic and unified energy especially in South Africa.

Think, patriotic school uniform P.E. kits but make it fashion.

 Old school sport fashion trend



Dark Tropical

The tropical print has always been a favourite in South African fashion and interior design, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the country's fauna and flora. However, on a global scale, the term "tropical" often conjures images of colourful toucans, vibrant hibiscus flowers, blue oceans, and kitschy Florida beach vibes. No! Dark Tropical redefines this concept by incorporating South African elements such as indigenous flowers, plants, and animals into an opulent, deep-toned palette, resulting in a refined and elegant aesthetic.


 Dark tropical fashion trend



Zero Waste – Upcycle Scraps

There is no denying that thrifting has grown massively in South Africa, but in 2024, we anticipate a surge in consumers taking it upon themselves to customize or upcycle their wardrobes. This involves using scrap fabric or repurposing two garments into one. The creators of this trend are expected to see significant growth this year! If you scroll aimlessly through TikTok, as I do, you've likely come across numerous tutorials of people engaging in this sustainable practice. Not only is upcycling beneficial for the environment, but it also proves economical for our wallets.

 Zero waste fashion trend

Designers are also moving more to zero waste creations, think drapery and meticulously thought-out pattern drafting. In some parts of the South African manufacturing sector, we are behind in digital manufacturing technology which poses a challenge when drafting patterns, however this forces designers to be even more creative and unique with their zero waste design techniques. We are excited to see what comes next!



Oversized Everyday

The Oversized Everyday trend is as straightforward as it sounds—think oversized jeans, tees, and dresses. While you might think this trend has been around for a while, it's showing no signs of fading in the upcoming year. The South African consumer, often considered somewhat conservative, is now leaning more towards comfortable and oversized clothing, especially with the uncertainty surrounding the country's stability this year. This shift toward coziness and ease in fashion is likely to be a prominent and enduring choice for many South African consumers.

Oversized everyday fashion trend


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