At Differently, we believe that the journey of creating our unique fabric print is a story worth sharing. Our new custom fabric design is inspired by the enchanting allure of the South African jungle. In this blog post, we'll take you through the creative process, the ethical choices we've made, and the transformation of our fabric into stunning garments.

What Inspired the Fabric Design?

At Differently, our journey from inspiration to creation is a celebration of South African wildlife and the allure of the jungle. Our unique fabric designs are a testament to the wonders of our homeland, and we hope that you'll find a piece of the rain forest essence in every garment. Embrace the adventurous spirit of the wild with Differently, and discover the beauty of ethical, creative fashion.

How Was the Fabric Designed and Produced?

Our creative process began by merging elements that captivated us: monstera leaves symbolizing life and growth, and the majestic presence of leopards representing the wild, untamed spirit of South Africa. The challenge was to create a seamless print design with an aesthetic layout that beautifully combined these elements.

Once the design was finalized, we sent to it our supplier, who digitized it and printed a sample piece of fabric. After approval we moved on to printing the fabric in bulk. This process ensured that the fabric we created remained as captivating as our original inspiration.

Why South Africa for Ethical Production?


Ethical production is at the heart of Differently. We chose South Africa as our production hub for several reasons. Firstly, it allows us to maintain a close relationship with our local seamstresses and suppliers. This not only ensures quality but also supports local communities and economies.

Moreover, we've integrated ethical practices into our manufacturing process. This includes fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable sourcing of materials. By choosing South Africa, we're not only producing beautiful garments but also making a positive impact on the local community and environment.

The Journey from Fabric to Garments

The transformation of our unique fabric into garments is a journey that requires attention to detail and a commitment to quality. From the fabric, we carefully design each garment, ensuring it aligns with our creative vision. We use unique techniques and features to make our clothing stand out.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we remain true to our brand's values, maintaining the quality and style of our garments. This guarantees that each item that bears the Differently label is a piece of art, a wearable reflection of our inspiration.

The Finished Products and Where to Find Them

We're excited to share the finished products with you:

  1. Short Co-ord set – Jungle Palm: An easy breezy outfit designed to fit almost all body types. It features an elasticated waistband, pockets, and a small side slit. The shirt boasts shell buttons and a curved hem for versatile styling. Be unique in our custom Differently print, a gorgeous leopard and palm leaf design.Short co-ord set

  2. Maxi Petal Wrap Dress - Jungle Palm: Elegance never goes out of style. This dress, featuring petal cap sleeves, a maxi silhouette, wrap-around style, and boho trimming detail, is perfect for any occasion. The custom Differently print sets it apart, offering a touch of exotic allure.Maxi Petal Wrap Dress - Jungle Palm

You can find these unique garments on our online store and our various pop ups. We also attend events and markets, so keep an eye out for opportunities to explore our rain forest-inspired creations.