At Differently, it is part of our mission and values to use our platform to shed light on people and organisations that work hard to make a difference for their community. At our core, we believe strongly in supporting and helping our community in our unique way. 

We came across the Nicarela Charity back in 2019 and knew we wanted to get involved. In October 2022, we will be attending the Nicarela Market Under the Jacarandas at Parktown High School in Parkview. The market is to raise money for the charity as a whole so that they can continue to help their cause. We knew we wanted to learn more about this fantastic organisation, so we asked Samantha Morrison, Exhibitor Facilitator, a few questions:

1. Why was the Nicarela Charity created? What are the organisation's vision and mission? 


The charity was started in 2007. We are a group of volunteers who are passionate and driven to assist the individual organisations we support. We work hard to create and run awesome events to this end and our efforts are rewarded in due course when we have the funds to donate to the organisations each month.

2. Who does the charity aim to help and why? 


Nicarela is an umbrella organisation - so we do the fund raising and then distribute funds to chosen charities on a monthly basis.

Originally we chose charities that were supported by St Columbas church and the surrounding community of Parkview, but over the years we receive requests from various charities. Each year, we review the charities and either renew the support and/or take on new beneficiaries. The homes are visited regularly and the use of funds monitored. We try to support a variety of organisations involved in children, elderly and underprivileged. The accounts are audited annually and as we are an NPO supporters of the charity can claim the money they spend.


3. What are some of the ways you raise funds for the charity?


We have 2 major events each year (obviously not during Covid):

1. The Potjie Day:

The Parkview potjie day in July where we have up to 40 teams competing to win prizes and the title of Potjie winners. This year we raised R130 000 for the charity.

2. The Market:

This used to be a Christmas market but we have changed the event to a summer one. This year it's on October 7-9 at Parktown High school for Girls.


The public and companies are so welcome to contribute and we do have the occasional personal donation but most of the funds are raised at the events.


We often rely on sponsors to help at the events and then give them some publicity in return so often its not actual money but discounts or services in lieu of.


4. How can the average joe help the Nicarela Charity?

By coming to the Market please :) and spending money at our awesome food and stalls.

We would like to thank Samantha for answering these questions and giving us a better idea of the story behind Nicarela. If you would like to find out more details about the charity and it's events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website at