Dopamine dressing has certainly swept the global fashion industry. Many assume this type of dressing is only for those who are daring and eccentric or who have a large budget. This is simply not true. Anyone anywhere can embrace dopamine dressing no matter their style inclinations or financial circumstances. In this article, we are going to show you how to dopamine dress in 2022 and why it is important for your mood.

What Is Dopamine Dressing? 

Dopamine dressing involves dressing to boost your mood. By wearing a certain colour, texture, or style, one can activate the release of dopamine,  the feel-good chemical our bodies make and release when we experience something that makes us happy. 

“Dopamine dressing is all about wearing what makes you feel good.” - Whitney Keefe 

When dressing in a way that makes one feel good, people are able to fully embrace their individual style. There has been a change in attitude toward how fashion should be created. Now, people are no longer dressing according to an occasion, but rather to “achieve a desired mood

How to embrace Dopamine Dressing 

1. Dress according to your mood

Since dopamine dressing is about enhancing a desired mood, the first step would be to identify which mood you would like to enhance. This is where some serious self-awareness and introspection needs to happen (sounds intimidating, we know). 

The pure beauty of dopamine dressing is not only is the outcome a bomb outfit, but it’s a practical and proactive way of getting more in touch with your emotions. Dopamine dressing is the new revolution of fashion and we love how mental-health-conscious it can be. 

Once you have identified your mood, you can choose to enhance it with your clothing. Now, this doesn’t only apply to good moods (unless that’s the only mood you want to be in). It also applies to other moods like if you’re feeling melancholic, domineering, hyperactive, or flirtatious.

2. Get re-acquainted with your closet 

 Another great thing about dopamine dressing is that you likely already have items in your cupboard you need. It’s not like you need to go and buy a whole new wardrobe so it’s great on the pocket and the environment. Have a look at the pieces you usually gravitate towards and question what they have in common with each other. Once you have identified these pieces, then you will know what to look for next time you go shopping. The goal is to find out which items make you feel good and then wear those items more often. 


3. Take it one piece at a time

If you’re looking to experiment with dopamine dressing, start with a few pieces at first. The whole idea behind putting together a harmonious outfit is to start with one item and style around that item. Say you have a top that you really love wearing. It fits you in all the right places. Use that top as the basis of your outfit. This way you are wearing a piece you know makes you happy to wear yet you’re still curating a chic look.


4. Don’t restrict your clothing to “special occasions”

Restricting your style to an occasion is like telling yourself not to have a piece of cake just because it’s not your birthday. Again, dopamine dressing is about wearing what makes you feel good. So, if you have an item that you feel is most suited to a ‘special occasion’ but you just feel so confident wearing, then wear the damn thing! You are the occasion, celebrate being unapologetically you. 


5 Ways to Style Our Summer Collection That is Sure to Release Some Dopamine


1) Layering Queen

The It's My Party Dress with a monochromatic layering piece (The Casual Stretch Blazer), bright, bold colour shoes, and a funky matching bag to add some edge.

2) YK2 Goddess

The Disco Mesh Dress with colourful platform sneakers, a cute shoulder bag that pops, and matching abstract earrings to tie the look together.

3) 70’s Cowgirl

The Dancing Queen Dress with contemporary white cowboy boots, a tan coloured fedora, and a classic western-style belt

4) Flower Power Princess

The Flower Power Petal Wrap Dress paired with a pastel pink shoulder bag, hippie-style sunnies, and Birkenstock-style scandals.


See, dopamine dressing isn’t that intimidating once you break it down. The best way to go about it is to be aware of your mindset and feelings. Once you have learned to be more in tune with yourself, your style will start to reflect who you are. You may even find it’ll be easier to find something to wear every day if you are channeling your emotions through your outfit. Plus, modern fashion trends are making it easier to embrace colours, prints, and texture so all you have to do is find what sparks joy, and wear the heck out of it.