Hello big beautiful gorgeous and unique earrings! 

Earlier this month we introduced South Africa to our brand new summer range but this season we decided to surprise some of you with an iconic collaboration.

Suzy Hello Studio

This years summer range featured fresh designs, beautiful prints, bold colour pallets and what better way to accentuate those looks than with custom earrings? 

How did you get into Jewellery design?

"By day, I am a business manager and jewellery maker by night. Coming from a fashion background, but working with excel spreadsheets in a meeting filled business space, I desperately needed a project as a creative outlet. I looked for a project that I could do at night at home with minimal equipment, one that I could pack up after I am done and use the same space the next day as an office. For that, polymer clay jewellery was perfect. I have always been intrigued by jewellery design, Working with polymer clay was an affordable way to live out that fantasy."

What is Polymer clay?

"Polymer clay is an incredibly versatile material and as it is lightweight it works great for earrings that even the most sensitive ears will love. Once baked, polymer clay is slightly flexible, but strong and very durable. Since it is a fairly affordable material and you don't need a lot of specialised equipment it is a great way to start creating something - the possibilities are really endless."

What is SuzyHello studio? 

"I started creating and making jewellery just over a year ago as a fun hobby, but it soon turned into an absolute passion and small business. SuzyHello Studio is a small batch, polymer clay jewellery brand made for strong, beautiful women. Every pair of earrings is handmade from start to finish and high quality craftsmanship is of great importance to me."

What do you use for inspiration?

"Inspiration comes from everywhere - from the runway to nature, which develops  my own style and signature. I am always inspired by the change of seasons and I think my designs and choice of colour reflects that. l  love using a lot of bright colours, and combining unconventional colours together. I (like many other women) tend to wear almost exclusively black clothes, so very bold, bright earrings is an amazing way to create interest in any look. Partnering with Differently was an incredible source of inspiration. Using their Spring/Summer colour palettes and prints as inspiration was a fun challenge  a great way to explore different textures and patterns.

What is your favourite part about the design process?

"Starting off with a raw block of polymer clay and knowing it can become anything is so exciting and definitely the best part of the process. Sanding and assembling every single earring component can be super time consuming, but is also super therapeutic and nothing beats the feeling of looking at a finished pair of earrings and thinking of the joy it will bring to the wearer."

How can we order from you ?

"Suzyhello can be shopped online (https://suzyhello.co.za/). For any custom orders or queries, please get in touch through Instagram (@Suzyhello_studio)"