This month we are excited to introduce the addition of the Port Reserve, Designed by Michelle De Jager, to the Differently family. An exclusive collection of luxurious sleepwear and loungewear to keep you comfortable and stylish this season.

The Port Reserve is an exclusive limited-edition collection of sleepwear that pulls away from mass production and focuses on beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind pieces. From concept to creation each design is carefully developed, sampled and made in a simplified, yet very intricate process. traditional techniques such as hand embroidery and painting is used to give an individuality to each design which can’t be found anywhere else.


Michelle De Jager, Pinterest and coffee addict grew up in Knysna and has always been a creative at heart.

“Growing up in Knysna, I would always see the boats sailing on the water and cruises docking at the port and leaving to take on a new adventure. Just like the product that I create and want to create, there has to be a beautiful feeling towards the product that you wear or use and has to have a memory once it has been worn.”


During lockdown, Michelle saw a distinct gap in the market for sleepwear that is comfortable and sustainable with a luxurious feel. Thus, the Port Reserve was born, bringing a unique product offering that is relevant as well as beautiful.

“There is some kind of satisfaction, knowing that once you go to sleep, it will be worth it.”





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