Introducing the Morgan Ray Capsule Collection 

Morgan Ray Mcleod is a coveted TikTok creator, Make-up artist, business women and all out #Bossbabe who we have had the pleasure of working with to bring you this prodigious collection.

Morgan designed this collection for our fellow South Africans who are tired of seeing the same pieces over and over again in South Africa and are dying to try new things while still supporting local brands.


This collection is HIGHLY inspired by the early 2000s and the hottest trends from 2021. The collection ranges from sage green cottage core dresses to y2k realness in the form of brown corduroy pants. The pieces in this collection are designed to create the best Instagram content in the form of aesthetic pictures, aside from Instagram these pieces are a match made in heaven to create the hottest TikTok videos in South Africa!

This collection will have you feeling trendy, luxurious and most importantly CONFIDENT AF. 

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P.S. If you don't think Morgan has achieved enough yet take a look at the book that she has written

"Tiktok secrets nobody wants you to know"

Morgan Ray Mcleod - "My main goal is to help business owners who are struggling on social media, finally make it big and start seeing the results such as new followers and clients rolling in while simultaneously turning views into money”


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