Let's get to know Morgan Ray a little more shall we?

Morgan Ray Mcleod

Tell us when you first got into fashion and what sparked your inspiration to want to create pieces of your own?

I first really started getting into fashion last year in lockdown while I was watching an unnatural amount of TikTok videos. I started seeing people dress differently and become more creative with their style - and I had never seen anything like it, especially not in South Africa. I have been inspired to create pieces of my own for a while now and the main reason is that I want to give my fellow SA babes the opportunity to get their hands on some really, unique but trendy pieces that will make them feel sexy and confident!

What would you describe your dress style as?

I would describe my style as very 90s and 2000s influenced with lots of texture, colour and splashes of pattern. I feel the most confident whenever I am wearing a baggy bottom (jeans, corduroys or sweatpants) with a crop top or baby, sneakers and gold jewelry.

What should every girl have in their closet for 2021?

All girls and boys NEED to have a good pair of baggy jeans and a corset top in their cupboard this 2021. You simply can't go without these two pieces this year.

You are an extremely talented make up artist, how did you get started?

I first got into makeup in grade 8 when my best friend, Abby, showed me the makeup she had and wore. She showed me her base, eyeshadow and mascara and I was SOLD. That day I dragged my mom to Dischem and bought myself some products to play around with and since then I've been in love.


What is your favourite make up look you have ever created?

MY favorite makeup look that I have ever created has got to be either my "makeup inspired by Miley Cyrus" series or my "makeup inspired by Billie Eilish" series. Both of those were very expressive and are close to my heart.


How did you get started and grow on Tiktok? 

I started posting on TikTok just for the fun of it and I think that people could see how much fun I was having in my videos and that's how I gained a following. I think its so important to never loose sight of why you started doing something otherwise you may start to hate what you do :(

What is your most viral Tiktok?

My most viral TikTok is "what I'd wear on the streets of China" and it has over 5 million views.

Give us 3 random facts about you that very little people know

  1. I have a really fussy taste in foods eg - jelly and custard
  2. I HATED high school
  3. I cant pick an aesthetic to save my life - I love them all

What is your all-time favourite 2000’s movie?

MY all time favorite 2000s movie has got to be Barbie and the Mermaid Tale... sorry not sorry 🙂

Where can our readers find you?

You can find me on Instagram @morganraymcleod and TikTok @morganraymcleod

You can also shop my capsule collection HERE