Thinking differently is not just a catch phrase we like to use. It is the moral fibre that is sewn tightly into the core of our brand. This season we are expanding on that notion due to the global dramatic change in everyone’s lifestyle recently.


Being unable to travel has got us thinking globally, about trends and styles, and how we can incorporate it locally. Our new winter collection was designed based off the global influence but with the South African consumer in mind. From the Prague polar neck to the Milan coat, each piece was Inspired by a gorgeous location. Even though we are thousands of kilometres away, in today's world we are connected now more than ever. It is almost impossible not to be influenced by other cultures, countries and people which is the most beautiful thing ever.


This collection has gone in a direction of conservative lux with high necklines and lower hem lines. All our garments are produced ethically in South Africa as we pride ourselves in producing good quality garments fairly.